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RefundVoid By Employee Report


The RefundVoid By Employee report shows the number of refunds made by each employee and the total value of all the refunds they made within the selected date range. The report offers two views: the first is a general summary of the information, and the second is a detailed view which breaks down the information into the individual transactions.

Summary View

RefundVoid By Employee

The summary view displays the refund types made and the total number of each refund type in square brackets, and in the Qty column. The final column shows the value of the refund types.

Detailed View

RefundVoid By Employee Detailed

In the detailed view, refunds are organized first by employee conducting the refund and then by refund type; however, individual refunds are shown on the report along with the transaction number of each return. The value of each return is shown in the right side column.

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