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Profit By Report Category
<h1>Profit By Report Category Report</h1> <a href=""><img style="max-width:51%;" class="alignright wp-image-1307" src="" alt="ProfitByReportCategory_1" width="356" height="331" /></a>The Profit By Report Category report shows the total quantity and profit value of all products, sorted by report categories, sold within the selected date range. Profit, or net income, is determined by removing the item's cost from the sales price. The report does not include other considerations such as operating cost when determining profit values. The totals are sorted by highest total value of profit. The total quantity and profit value of all sales within the selected date range are shown at the bottom of the report. <a id="novisit" title="Return to Top" href="#top"><em>Top</em></a> - <a id="novisit" title="ReportViewer Reports" href=""><em>Main Report Page</em></a>

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