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Payment By Method Report


The Payment By Method report shows all payments made of each payment method type within the selected date range, which is shown on the report. Each report type offers two views: the first is a summary which shows the totals of each payment method and the second is a detailed view which breaks down the information into the individual payments.

Summary View

PaymentByMethodThe summary view displays the totals of each payment method used within the selected date range. The numbers in square brackets after each payment method is the number of times that payment method was used. At the bottom of the report are the totals for all payment methods.

Detailed View

PaymentByMethodDetailed-1 PaymentByMethodDetailed-2The detailed view shows the individual payments made using each payment method during the selected date range including the values of each payment, the transaction number, and, in some cases, the card information and authorization number. The totals for each payment method is displayed at the end of each section along with the quantity of transaction under that payment method type displayed in square brackets.

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