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Payment By Employee Shift
<h1>Payment By Employee Shift Report</h1> <div class="toc_wrap_right no_bullets" id="toc_container"> <p class="toc_title">Contents</p> <ul class="toc_list"> <li>Payment By Employee Shift Report <ul class="toc_list"> <li><a href="#summary-view">Summary View</a></li> <li><a href="#detailed-view">Detailed View</a></li> </ul> </li> </ul> </div> The Payment By Employee Shift report shows the payment methods used during each employee's shift. Each report type offers two views: the first is shows the totals of each payment method during shifts, and the second is a detailed view which breaks down the information into the individual payments. <h3 id="summary-view">Summary View</h3> <a href="wp-content/uploads/PaymentByEmployeeShift-21.png"><a href=""><img style="max-width:51%;" class="alignright wp-image-692" alt="PaymentByEmployeeShift-1" src="" width="493" height="470" /></a></a><a href=""><img style="max-width:51%;" class="alignright wp-image-693" alt="PaymentByEmployeeShift-2" src="" width="485" height="476" /></a>The summary view provides a list of the payment methods used during each employee's shifts. Each shift employees work during the selected date range have the quantity and value totals for payment methods used. Beneath each employee is the total for that employee across the selected date range. The grand totals of all method payments are listed at the bottom of the report. <h3 id="detailed-view">Detailed View</h3> <a href=""><a href=""><img style="max-width:51%;" class="alignright wp-image-694" alt="PaymentByEmployeeShiftDetailed-1" src="" width="445" height="473" /></a><img style="max-width:51%;" class="alignright wp-image-695" alt="PaymentByEmployeeShiftDetailed-2" src="" width="445" height="468" /></a>The detailed view shows each individual payment made during an employee's shifts including the payment number and value of the payment. <a id="novisit" title="Return to Top" href="#top"><em>Top</em></a> - <a id="novisit" title="Home" href=""><em>Main Report Page</em></a>

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