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Member Purchases By Group Graph Report


The Member Purchases By Group Graph report shows purchases made by members within the selected date range. Each report type offers two views: the first is lists the total purchase value of each group, and the second is a detailed view which lists each individual purchase made by members in each group. The grand total of all purchases is showed at the bottom of the report along with a pie chart which shows the percentage each group’s purchase value represents of all running member purchases.

Summary View

MemberPurchasesByGroupGThe summary view shows the groups which made a purchase within the selected date range. Only the total value of all group purchases is shown.

Detailed View

MemberPurchasesByGroupG_DetailedIn detailed view, group purchases are broken down by individual members. Members who have made purchases will have the date they last made a purchase shown in the middle column, and each members’ purchases are shown along with the transaction number and date of purchase.

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