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Member Purchases By Group
<h1>Member Purchases By Group Report</h1> <div id="toc_container" class="toc_wrap_right no_bullets"> <p class="toc_title">Contents</p> <ul class="toc_list"> <li>Member Purchases By Group Report <ul class="toc_list"> <li><a href="#summary-view">Summary View</a></li> <li><a href="#detailed-view">Detailed View</a></li> </ul> </li> </ul> </div> The Member Purchases By Group report shows purchases made by members within the selected date range. Each report type offers two views: the first is lists the total purchase value of each group and the second is a detailed view which lists each individual purchase made by member in the companies. The grand total of all purchases is showed at the bottom of the report. <h3 id="summary-view">Summary View</h3> <a href=""><img style="max-width:51%;" class="alignright wp-image-1029" src="" alt="MemberPurchasesByGroup" width="453" height="158" /></a>The summary view shows the companies which made a purchase within the selected date range. Only the total value of all group purchases is shown. <h3 id="detailed-view">Detailed View</h3> <a href=""><img style="max-width:51%;" class="alignright wp-image-1031" src="" alt="MemberPurchasesByGroupDetailed" width="453" height="185" /></a>In detailed view, group purchases are broken down by individual members. Members who have made purchases will have the date they last made a purchase shown in the middle column, and each members' purchases are shown along with the transaction number and date of purchase. <a id="novisit" title="Return to Top" href="#top"><em>Top</em></a> - <a id="novisit" title="Home" href=""><em>Main Report Page</em></a><a href=""><img style="max-width:51%;" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-1023" src="" alt="MemberPurchasesByCompany" width="1" height="1" /></a>

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