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Job Position Security Levels Report


The Job Position Security Levels report shows the security levels of each job position in the system, and the total number of tasks that each job position is allowed to access or denied access to.


Summary View

JobPositionSecurityLevelsThe summary view lists the four main task categories that each task is listed under, and the total number of allowable tasks or denied tasks that each job position has for those categories. In brackets after the job position is the security level of that job position.

Detailed View

JobPositionSecurityLevelsDetailed-1JobPositionSecurityLevelsDetailed-2JobPositionSecurityLevelsDetailed-3JobPositionSecurityLevelsDetailed-4Detailed view shows the individual tasks under each task category and the minimum security level of those tasks. The tasks in this view are sorted by whether they are allowed or denied by that job position and then listed alphabetically.

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