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Employee Shifts By Job Position


The Employee Shifts By Job Position report the employee shifts and includes a list of the employee’s job position(s), as some employee can have multiple job positions with shifts being scheduled separately for each specific duty they perform. For example a manager may take a shift as a host, or a member of the wait staff may take a shift in the kitchen as a chef. Each report type offers two views: the first is a general summary of the information, and the second is a detailed view which breaks down the information into the individual shifts.

Summary View

Employee Shifts By Job Position Summary

The summary view lists the employees, showing their job positions – many will have only one – and a total of their wages in each job position over the selected date range, and their total number of hours  in each job position. The number in square brackets after each employee’s name is the number of shifts worked. The total wages paid and total staff-hours worked are displayed at the bottom of the report.

Detailed View

The detailed view of the Employee Shifts By Job Position shows the job positions each employee has and each individual shift an employee worked under that position; the date and time that a shift started and ended, and the total number of hours worked and wages paid in the selected date range is totaled at the bottom of each employee’s shift summary.Employee Shifts By Job Position Detailed

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