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Employee Ranking List Report


The Employee Ranking List report shows a top-to-bottom ranking of employees by department, and job position. Rankings are determined by the Employee Performance Points, which are explained in more detail in Section 8.4 of the BackOffice User’s Guide.

Summary View

EmployeeRankingListThe information included in the summary view is the department, and job position of all involved employees along with their performance points accumulated within in the selected date range. The employee’s in each job position are then ranked according to the value of their performance points, which are shown on the right. The grand totals of all performance points across the selected date range are shown at the bottom of the report.

Detailed View

EmployeeRankingListDetailedThe detailed view shows each time employees received performance points, a description of the reason why they received those points, and the value of the points received. Keep in mind that negative points can be assigned for undesirable actions. Information such as the date the points were assigned and the transaction number associated with the points are also shown on the detailed report. Total performance points for all employees are displayed at the bottom of the report.

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