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Employee Cashout Report


The Employee Cashout report shows the total values of all transactions for each employee from the start of their shift to the end. The totals are sorted by employee and a separate column shows the time of each employee’s shift. The two rightmost column shows the employee’s reported tips and the total of the transaction with the employee’s reported tips.

Summary View

Employee Cashout Summary Report
The summary view shows the totals for every employee of each day in the selected range broken down only by payment type. The number in square brackets following the payment type and “Shift Totals” represents the number of transactions completed by that employee for each payment type on each day within the selected date range.

Detailed View

Detailed view contains all the information above: the totals for every employee of each day in the selected date range, payment types for each transaction, and a number in square brackets showing the number of transactions of each type; additionally, detailed view shows each individual transaction, the transaction number of each transaction and the value of each transaction. The transactions are sorted by payment type under each day’s shift for each employee.Employee Cashout Detail Report

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