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Daily Labor Comparison Report


The Daily Labor Comparison report shows an overview of sales and customer information with the labor related information within the selected date range, which is shown on the report. Each report type offers two views: the first shows labor information by department, and the second is a detailed view which breaks down labor information into individual employees. Labor cost shows hourly wages only and does not include salaried employees. Labor cost percentage is the cost of hourly wages divided by the total sales. the report also lists the average value of each transaction, and the average sales per cover price paid, and the average value in sales of each table.

Summary View

Daily Labor Comparison

The summary view sorts the labor information by department. The report shows the total number of labor hours, labor cost and labor cost percentage of each department as a whole. In order to get an accurate report, ensure every employee job position is assigned to a department.

Detailed View

Daily Labor Comparison Detailed

The detailed view shows the employees assigned in each department, and gives a break down of each employee’s labor cost versus sales, and average value of sales per transaction.

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